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Three Magnets Self Care

Three Magnets Self Care

Pilsners generally are where nuance meets balance. They're not all up in-your face like West Coast IPAs can be with mouth-puckering bitterness. Or New England IPAs with cloying sweetness. Yet they're also not "guaranteed not to offend" like American lagers. In other words, it's not the band who will melt your face off, nor is it bubble gum pop that will erase all your worries and take you to a happy place. It’s more of a thinking person's beer - like an under-appreciated indie band that's your own little secret. One you can share with those you deem worthy of entering your head space. This beer, like all great bands, has a solid yet complex rhythm section, grounded with a base of Germany’s premier malt house barley. We then built in riffs of Yakima grown hops, featuring a newer American lager hop variety, Loral. The Eukanot hop then jumps to the forefront like Doug Martsch's iconic wailing guitar sounds on Built to Spill's album Perfect from Now On, providing sharp notes of lemon, lime and melon rind bitterness. Keeping this beer unfiltered allows those hop accoutrements to hang around like flavor groupies, with a finish that balances your experience like the perfect encore can balance out a live set - enough bitterness to not seem sweet, yet still flavorful enough to appease the hopheads that crush IPA’s only.