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Marigny ‘Mixed Emotions’

Marigny ‘Mixed Emotions’

(Chilled) Red Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon Grape: Everything but the kitchen sink! Winery Website: Food Pairings: Jack's BBQ Chopped Brisket Mac Bowl, Dirty Dog Chicken Dog, Mamnoon Street Hummus & Mushroom Bowl Natural wine lovers know and crave the Marigny wines - the more popular (and limited) offshoot of the St. Reginald Parish wines. Have you wanted to try one of the Marigny wines? Well, why not try them all at once! That’s right, this is the ‘mixed emotions’ first vintage and it’s all of the Marigny wines mixed together in one special blend! The combo is just crazy enough to work, with notes of cherry Jolly Rancher, orange skittles, tree bark, and dandelion stems and some delicate tannins to finish. Let this chilled red show you an easy/breezy time!