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Constant Crush ‘Limited Addition’ Orange

Constant Crush ‘Limited Addition’ Orange

Orange Region: Forest Grove, Oregon Grape: Pinot Gris ,Muscat Winery website: Food Pairings: Neon Taco Pork Torta, Pablo y Pablo Street Corn, Great State Burger Vegan Soul Constant Crush sounds like a 90’s girl band but lucky for us it’s a great wine making collaboration in the Willamette Valley. My computer keeps wanting to correct ‘limited **addition**’ to ‘limited **edition**’ because the computer doesn’t understand they are playing on the idea that these are limited intervention wines and the winemakers are proud of not adding anything unnatural to them. “*Take that Artificial Intelligence! You might be able to write me a law school entrance essay but can’t you create natural wine double entendres?!*” ANYWAY. Let deliciousness be your guide, we did. 40+ year-old vines bring the power and we don’t mean George Foreman, we mean Mike Tyson with a need to perform after all these years. Notes of Honeysuckle, candied ginger, red apple, orange zest, quince, and salty red papaya create a wine that’s wildly aromatic. This is a great wine to enjoy with Burleskaraoke because it’s loud, complex, yet still sexy and raw.


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